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Thanks to its astonishing alliance between the past and modernity, the second most populous city in Arizona, close to Mexico, seems to be the setting for a film shot in the middle of the desert.
Immerse yourself inside the spirit Wild West as you ride through the streets of the American city in its streetcar, which has retained its route identical to that of the nineteenth century. With this means of transport, you can go to the very famous Sonora Desert Museum, open from October to May, to feast on its botanical garden and natural history center. Very marked by its history, The Old Pueblo has the oldest museum in the southwest of the United States, named the Arizona State Museum, located on the campus of the University of Arizona. Their objectives are to make known the Native American culture and to offer a considerable collection of objects that belonged to this population. You're lucky; it doesn't close at any season! Film and television enthusiasts run to visit the Tucson studios, which have produced countless westerns located in the city's oldest neighborhoods. One of your biggest dreams is to put yourself in the shoes of a cowboy. For that, go to the White Stallion Ranch! This cultural establishment that looks like a ranch is close to Saguaro National Park, about thirty kilometers from downtown. In this warm environment, you will have the opportunity to participate in horse training and be spectators of rodeos. If you are looking for solitude, it is possible to picnic in the middle of the arid inside Saguaro Park, which owes its name to the most famous of its cacti, surrounded by a forest composed of these gigantic plants, accessible both by car and bike. Gemology enthusiasts take advantage of the Tucson Gem and Mineral Show, a vast exhibition that takes place every year in February for two weeks. The nights are conducive to partying, thanks to sites like Club Congress, which has varied music and is trendy. And for rock and roll lovers, do not hesitate to taste the local and inexpensive beer of the Che's Lounge bar in the company of amiable locals.
Tucson, Arizona, USA Skyline
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