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Tunisia's colossal capital, known as Tunis, is a true treasure of North Africa. It is placed in UNESCO heritage with its many traditional and modern monuments.
On the edge of the Gulf of Tunis are the remains of ancient Carthage, the rich and legendary maritime city of the Phoenicians. The idyllic setting by the sea will transport you to a completely different universe. Moreover, if you want to attend the Carthage Festival (at the Ancient Theater of Carthage), you must go there in July and August. The Medina, the historic heart of Tunis, also listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, will welcome you to discover its fabulous Fatimid and Ottoman architecture. You will take the opportunity to visit one of the emblematic markets of the region, the Souk des Chéchias. Its exotic charm makes this relaxed city an exciting destination for a cultural holiday and to enjoy the white sand beaches in Tunis. To taste some specialties of the region, do not hesitate to take a tour of the central market of Tunis. Here you will also find traditional Tunisian wool hat makers between Jamaa EZ Zitouna Street and Kasbah Street. You can also buy many souvenirs for your friends and family. The coastal district Sidi Bou Said, with whitewashed buildings and blue doors, will serve as a getaway with the view of the coastline and cafes leaning against the cliffs. You will then move on to the Bardo Museum to admire the world's largest collections of Roman mosaics. Also, be sure to discover the magnificent religious architecture of Tunis with the Zitouna Mosque. To breathe the sea air, go to the port of La Goulette. The beach is not very far away, and you will have some pleasant moments there. Then, know that in Tunis, you will also have the opportunity to visit one of the most beautiful cathedrals in the region, Saint-Vincent-De-Paul (located north of independence square). Its Moorish, Gothic and neo-Byzantine style will seduce you for a visit. The new city of Tunis and, more particularly, the avenue Habib Bourguiba will amaze you with the beautiful palm trees and eucalyptus. You will take a full view!
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