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Modern meets historic in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia's cultural heart. Explore its peaceful Buddhist temples and colorful markets.

Travel to Gandantegchinlen Monastery, a structural jewel and spiritual center. Admire the giant statue of Genghis Khan, a symbol of the nation. Visit the Bogd Khan Palace, a former royal residence turned museum.

The statue


Things to do and see - Ulaanbaatar

Climb a hill to reach an iconic monument above the city
Zaisan Monument
Enter an imperial residence turned museum with beautiful architecture
Bogd Khaan Palace Museum
Visit one of the most important Buddhist monasteries in Mongolia
Gandan Monastery
Gain a thorough understanding of Mongolia's history, culture, and heritage
National Museum of Mongolia
Have insight into Mongolia's religious heritage and architectural traditions
Choijin Lama Temple Museum
Witness an enormous statue of the Emperor of the Mongols
Chinggis Khaan Statue Complex
Walk through green meadows and visit the Turtle Rock
Terelj National Park
Spot wild horses roaming freely in their natural habitat
Hustai National Park

Festivals - Ulaanbaatar

FAQ - Ulaanbaatar

Are there any events or festivals celebrated in Ulaanbaatar?
How to get to Ulaanbaatar?

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