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Universal Studios Hollywood

Universal Studios Hollywood will delight all moviegoers wishing to immerse themselves in one of the most prestigious cinematic universes in the world.
Universal Studios Hollywood is a movie-themed entertainment venue that has been erected as an amusement park near Los Angeles, California. Spread over 168 hectares in the San Fernando Valley, the park allows you to see how and where the films and series were designed. The Studio Tour, one of the highlights of the place, will allow you to taste the joys of filming by being behind the cameras. A short train ride will take you through different movie sets: from the Set of Desperate Housewives to the War of the Worlds, through the streets of New York and the villages of Europe. Entertainment is guaranteed for thrill seekers thanks to the many rides in place. With Universal Studios Hollywood close to the real movie studios, you may come across a movie star at the time of your visit.
Universal Studios Hollywood
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FAQs for Universal Studios Hollywood

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  • What are the events at Universal Studios Hollywood?
    Every year Universal Studios Hollywood organizes several events. For example, you can participate in Halloween Horror Nights or New Year's Eve.

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