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USS Midway Museum

With a career spanning 47 years, the USS Midway (CV-41) is the aircraft carrier that has remained in service the longest. Since 2003, it has anchored at the Port of San Diego to become a museum and retrace its history. It is possible to visit the cabins, the hangar, and the dormitories presented with mannequins. It will then be necessary to climb the very steep stairs before entering the cockpit and have the honor of taking a seat in the captain’s spot. You can go to the outdoor platform and get some fresh air on the flight deck. In addition to seeing an impressive display of helicopters and aircraft, there is an elusive view of San Diego Bay. Throughout your visit, former marines are available to provide you with information on the history of the famous aircraft carrier.
USS Midway Museum

FAQs for USS Midway Museum

  • What does USS Midway mean?
    The acronym USS means "United States Ship." This prefix informs that it is part of the U.S. Navy's warships. Midway refers to the name of the Midway Islands located in the Pacific.

  • When was the USS Midway commissioned?
    The aircraft carrier was the first to be commissioned after the end of the Second World War on September 10, 1945. Its construction began in 1943 and lasted 17 months.

  • What film was shot at the USS Midway Museum?
    Some scenes from the famous film Top Gun, starring actor Tom Cruise, were shot at the USS Midway Museum. There is also an event called "Top Gun Party - Movie Night" that takes place within the museum.