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Uzbekistan is a fascinating country for history, architecture or adventure enthusiasts.
The Eastern Gate opens onto Central Asia and offers a passage for old and new civilizations: Uzbekistan is a crossroads of peoples which has this heritage. The country has three legendary cities, Samarkand, rich in historical monuments and a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Bukhara, the city of the Thousand and One Nights for its oriental beauty and Khiva, an oasis housing a medieval city. At the heart of these cities, stroll through their pretty alleys in sparkling colors decorated with architectures with turquoise domes and mosaics. Uzbekistan is a change of scene and makes you dream, a perfect place to return to the era of the Silk Roads where the wonders of the East were transported. For a natural moment, go to the shores of the Aral Sea, which has become a lake, and whose history can only touch you, and the surrounding landscapes are of singular beauty. Also discover the Central Asian steppes inside the red desert of Kyzyl-Kum where you can take part in an evening in a nomadic yurt.
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FAQs for Uzbekistan

  • What are the names of the first civilizations in Uzbekistan?
    The first civilizations were the Sogdiane, the Bactrians and the Khwarezm.

  • What are the main languages spoken in Uzbekistan?
    In Uzbekistan, there are two official languages: northern Uzbek and Russian. However, there are other languages spoken at the local level such as Tajik or karakalpak.

Things to do and see in Uzbekistan

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