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Varanasi is in Uttar Pradesh. It's a city that feels connected to devotion. It exists alongside the sacred Ganges River. The heart of Varanasi lies in its riverbank temples, and death happens there.

The riverbanks, called ghats, are essential to Varanasi. Dashashwamedh Ghat is one of the oldest and most vibrant. Every evening, it


Things to do and see - Varanasi

Go to the main ghat to witness the ritual of Ganga Aarti
Dashashwamedh Ghat
Witness rituals and ceremonies taking place in the ghat
Assi Ghat
Pay a visit to one of the most important Hindu temples in India
Kashi Vishwanath Temple
Enter a fortress to learn about the region's royal past
Ramnagar Fort
See the daily rituals and ceremonies from a different perspective
Ganges River
Take a day trip to a revered Buddhist pilgrimage place
Learn about the cultural and spiritual importance of the temple
Shree Kaal Bhairav Temple
Walk through dense forests, see waterfalls, and observe diverse wildlife
Chandraprabha Wildlife Sanctuary
Tour a city with historical landmarks and spiritual significance
Contemplate the cycle of life and death in Hindu philosophy
Manikarnika Ghat

FAQ - Varanasi

Why is Varanasi famous for silk weaving?
Why is Varanasi one of the oldest cities, and why is it special in Hinduism?

- Varanasi

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