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Venturing into the jungle

Generally speaking, jungles are the subject of some traveler's wildest dreams. A fantasy that is then transcribed by a fearless exploration of the fine gifts of mysterious and wild natural spaces. Indeed, everything becomes a real adventure during this kind of trip.
To venture into some of the densest jungles in the world, you have to go to Oceania and, more precisely, to Northern Australia, to Kakadu National Park. This place now occupies an important position on the precious UNESCO World Heritage List. About 2,000 plant and animal species inhabit the tropical forests of Kakadu. During the exploration, travelers can observe crocodiles, among other animals, and admire works made by aborigines dating back to prehistoric times. In addition, Kakadu Park is home to multiple landscapes, which ranks it among the best destinations for jungle lovers. The next jungle on the list is Malaysia in Southeast Asia. In this case, Taman Negara National Park is the refuge of a gigantic rainforest dating back 130 million years. The bravest can have fun practicing sports such as tree climbing in the canopy and excursions on the water. After that, a hike through the jungle to reach Mount Gunung Tahan's summit is mandatory. During this extraordinary adventure, travelers will see macaques, multiple species of birds, rafflesia flowers, or tigers in their natural habitat. Still, on the Asian continent, the beautiful jungle of Chi Phat will welcome the great explorers among you. Located in the Kravanh Mountains, travelers will have the honor of experiencing nature on walking tours while learning a little more about the local culture. Between mountains, mangroves, waterfalls, and elephants grazing, among others, tourists will be dazzled. Camping in the jungle and swimming in the natural pools are also fully allowed. Then, Nepal is another highlight for a trip to a jungle. Going to the Terai lowlands at Chitwan National Park would be best, which is particularly appreciated for its biodiversity. It is possible to find rare mammals such as one-horned rhinos, Bengal tigers, leopards, sloths, or water buffalo. Crossing the Rapti River is essential, as explorers will be able to see crocodiles splashing quietly in the water. Many species of birds, including the famous two-horned hornbill, will be making their little life in the sky. Much further in Central America, Guatemala gives way to a breathtaking jungle that hides the ancient capital of the Mayans. It is known as the Tikal site, now a UNESCO heritage site; beyond that, the jungle promises a fauna and flora of the most unique. One of the particularities of an expedition to Guatemala is that tourists will be amazed by spider monkeys, jaguars, crocodiles, toucans, or parrots. Those who want to be impressed will only have to make a detour to Costa Rica in the Mirador El Silencio reserve. In this place, there are many ancestral trees such as Coulequin, Cecropia obtusifolia, and Ceiba, not to mention the threatening presence of the volcano. Then, after a long journey exploring the jungle, the hot springs will be welcome for moments of relaxation. Head to South America this time to venture into one of Ecuador's most famous jungles, the Amazon. To dive into the heart of the Amazon jungle, you must discover the Yasuni National Park, which allows you to observe the famous rainforest species, such as monkeys, snakes, tapirs, and ocelots. Added to this are the lush fauna, flora, and thousand-year-old cultures preserved. Finally, to finish, a visit to Rwanda is imperative to explore the Volcanoes National Park, the last sanctuary of the Mountain Gorillas. For this expedition, you have to imagine immersing yourself in this place's thick and mysterious forest to admire the volcanoes of the Virunga mountains and the formidable creatures that have found refuge there.
Venturing into the jungle

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