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Victoria's narrative is elegantly woven through its historical landmarks. The British Columbia Parliament Buildings are a majestic symbol of the city's past, beautifully illuminated against the night sky. The Inner Harbour leads you to the iconic Fairmont Empress Hotel, an architectural marvel that has graced the waterfront for over a century.

Victoria's vibrant arts


Things to do and see - Victoria

Explore 550 million years of natural history
Royal BC Museum
Relax in an expansive park featuring beautiful gardens
Beacon Hill Park
Have a glimpse into the city's past at a historic mansion
Craigdarroch Castle
Visit a vibrant waterfront area of colorful houseboats, and cafés
Fisherman's Wharf Park
Take a guided tour to visit a neo-baroque parliament building
Legislative Assembly of British Columbia
Discover one of the oldest Chinatowns in North America
Hike trails amid 600-year-old fir trees and see waterfalls
Goldstream Provincial Park
Take a whale-watching tour to spot orcas, and humpback whales
Inner Harbour
Embark on a brief journey to explore gardens that are a must-visit
Butchart Gardens
20 km
40 min
Enjoy waterfront dining in a charming seaside town
25 km
35 min
Embark on a visit to an iconic oceanfront castle
Hatley Castle
10 km
45 min
Head for some outdoor adventure in beautiful nature
40 km
40 min
Take a ferry to explore a nearby island with artisan community
Salt Spring Island
Enjoy sandy beaches, seaside dining, and views of Haro Strait
Cordova Bay Beach
12 km
45 min

FAQ - Victoria

Why is Victoria, Canada called “Garden City”?
What are some of the iconic landmarks to explore in Victoria?

Events - Victoria

Let Them Eat Cake NYD
Let Them Eat Cake NYD is a New Year's Day festival, often featuring electronic and dance music acts, to celebrate the start of the year with music and dance.
Victoria , Canada

Sun Cycle NYD
Sun Cycle NYD is a New Year's Day festival held at Coburg Velodrome in Naarm, Australia. The festival combines music and art across multiple stages, providing an electronic love affair at the iconic bike track.
Victoria , Canada

Ocean Sounds Festival
Ocean Sounds Festival is a coastal music event, often held on a beach or waterfront, offering music and beachfront entertainment.
Victoria , Canada

Don’t Let Daddy Know Melbourne
Don't Let Daddy Know Melbourne is an electronic dance music (EDM) event that brings together top DJs and a lively EDM atmosphere.
Victoria , Canada

SummerSalt Mornington
SummerSalt Mornington is a music festival that typically features a diverse range of music genres, creating a lively festival experience.
Victoria , Canada

Laneway Festival Melbourne
Laneway Festival Melbourne is a music festival that focuses on indie, alternative, and emerging music artists, providing an intimate and engaging festival atmosphere.
Victoria , Canada

Riverboats Music Festival
Riverboats Music Festival is a unique event set along a river, often featuring folk, blues, and roots music, offering a scenic and relaxed festival experience.
Victoria , Canada

Tent Pole Music Festival
Tent Pole Music Festival is a one-day event that focuses on indie bands, both established and emerging. The festival promises a dynamic music experience, set to take place in Geelong.
Victoria , Canada

Now & Again Festival
"Now & Again festival is a music festival that has featured renowned acts in the past, including Gang of Youths, Empire of The Sun, Tones and I, Sven Vath, Michael Bibi, Solardo, Peach Prc, and more. The festival is known for its stellar lineup and is poised to make a significant impact on the Australian festival scene with its upcoming edition. "
Victoria , Canada

Victoria Cherry Blossom Festival
Cherry blossoms in Victoria, Canada, are celebrated during the annual "Victoria Cherry Blossom Festival." This festival is a cultural and natural celebration of the city's beautiful cherry blossom trees, which typically bloom in the spring, bringing a burst of color and charm to the city's streets and gardens.
Victoria, Canada

Hello Sunshine
Hello Sunshine is a media brand and content company founded by actress Reese Witherspoon. It's not a festival but a media company that produces content primarily focused on women's stories and storytellers.
Victoria , Canada

Port Fairy Folk Festival
Port Fairy Folk Festival is a renowned folk music event that celebrates folk, roots, and traditional music genres, featuring a diverse lineup of artists.
Victoria , Canada

Esoteric Festival
Esoteric Festival is an event that often combines music, arts, and spirituality to create a unique and immersive festival experience.
Victoria , Canada

Golden Plains Music Festival
Golden Plains Music Festival is an indie and alternative music event that offers an intimate and relaxed atmosphere for music enthusiasts.
Victoria , Canada

Symbiosis is an annual cultural and arts festival that embraces a holistic and transformative experience, blending various forms of art, music, performance, and interactive installations. This festival offers attendees a unique opportunity to immerse themselves in a creative and communal environment that celebrates the fusion of diverse artistic expressions.
Victoria, Canada

Victoria Beer Week
Victoria Beer Week is an annual celebration of craft beer and brewing culture that takes place in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. This week-long festival is a paradise for craft beer enthusiasts and offers a diverse range of events and activities dedicated to the appreciation of craft beer.
Victoria, Canada

Victoria Day Parade
The Victoria Day Parade is an annual cultural celebration held in Canada on Victoria Day.This grand parade is one of the largest and most prestigious in Canada and serves as a vibrant tribute to Queen Victoria's birthday and Canadian heritage.
Victoria, Canada

Indigenous Cultural Festival
The Indigenous Cultural Festival is an annual celebration of the diverse cultures, traditions, and heritage of Indigenous peoples around the world. This festival serves as a platform to showcase the rich and vibrant cultures of Indigenous communities and to promote understanding, appreciation, and respect for their contributions to the world.
Victoria, Canada

Victoria International Jazz Fest
The Victoria International Jazz Fest is an annual music festival held in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada, that celebrates the artistry and diversity of jazz music. This festival is a significant cultural event that draws jazz enthusiasts, musicians, and music lovers from around the world.
Victoria, Canada

Victoria Ska & Reggae Festival
The Victoria Ska & Reggae Festival is an annual music festival that celebrates the vibrant genres of ska and reggae music. This festival offers attendees an opportunity to immerse themselves in the rhythms, melodies, and cultural vibes of these iconic Caribbean-influenced music styles.
Victoria, Canada

Canada Day
Canada Day is the national day of Canada and a significant cultural and patriotic celebration. It commemorates the anniversary of the confederation of Canada, when the British North America Act united the provinces of Ontario, Quebec, New Brunswick, and Nova Scotia into a single Dominion within the British Empire.
Victoria, Canada

Symphony in the Summer Festival
The Symphony in the Summer Festival is an annual music festival that celebrates the beauty and power of symphonic music in an outdoor setting. This festival typically takes place during the summer months, allowing attendees to enjoy classical music performances in the midst of nature.
Victoria, Canada

Classic Boat Festival
The Classic Boat Festival is an annual cultural celebration that pays homage to the rich heritage of classic and vintage boats. This festival typically takes place in waterfront locations, marinas, or harbors and offers a captivating glimpse into the world of maritime history and craftsmanship.
Victoria, Canada

Victoria International Wine Festival
The Victoria International Wine Festival is an annual celebration of the world of wine, featuring a diverse selection of wines from various regions around the globe. This festival is a delightful gathering for wine enthusiasts, connoisseurs, and those eager to explore the world of oenology.
Victoria, Canada

Brewery & The Beast Culinary Festival
The Brewery & The Beast Culinary Festival is an annual celebration of culinary excellence that brings together food lovers and gastronomic enthusiasts for a unique and indulgent experience. This festival is a feast for the senses, showcasing the artistry of chefs, the quality of locally sourced ingredients, and the rich flavors of gourmet cuisine.
Victoria, Canada

Salt Spring Island Apple Festival
The Salt Spring Island Apple Festival is an annual celebration of apples, orchards, and the art of apple cultivation. This festival is a delightful gathering for apple enthusiasts, local farmers, and visitors who share a passion for the diverse and delicious world of apples.
Victoria, Canada

Art of the Cocktail
The Art of the Cocktail is an annual festival that celebrates the craft of mixology and the artistry of cocktail creation. This festival offers attendees a spirited journey into the world of cocktails, where they can savor expertly crafted drinks, learn from top bartenders, and explore the creativity behind mixology.
Victoria, Canada

Salmon run
The Salmon Run Victoria is an annual natural spectacle and festival that celebrates the remarkable journey of salmon as they return to their spawning grounds in the rivers and streams of Victoria, Canada. This event offers attendees a unique opportunity to witness one of nature's great migrations and to learn about the significance of salmon in the local ecosystem.
Victoria, Canada

Interstellar Groove Festival
Interstellar Groove Festival is an annual event celebrating music, art, love, light, and cosmic delight. It offers immersive experiences, workshops, and dance floor sessions in a picturesque rural setting.
Victoria , Canada

Intuitive Arts Festival
The Intuitive Arts Festival is an annual celebration of various intuitive and alternative arts, offering attendees a unique opportunity to explore and experience a wide range of holistic and metaphysical practices. This festival serves as a gathering point for individuals interested in spirituality, self-discovery, and alternative healing modalities.
Victoria, Canada

Festival of Trees
The Festival of Trees is an annual cultural and arts festival that celebrates the holiday season through the enchanting world of decorated Christmas trees and festive displays. This heartwarming event offers attendees a joyful and festive experience, igniting the spirit of the holiday season.
Victoria, Canada

AURA Music & Arts Festival
AURA Music & Arts Festival has consistently adhered to its mission of highlighting the finest regional and national touring bands within the underground jam community and the live-electronic music scene. The festival is dedicated to creating a magical weekend where fans can come together to celebrate music and the arts.
Victoria , Canada

One Electric Day Werribee
One Electric Day in Werribee is a music festival that typically features a lineup of rock and pop music acts, offering a day of live music and entertainment.
Victoria , Canada

Queenscliff Music Festival
Queenscliff Music Festival is a community-oriented event that celebrates a wide range of music genres, including folk, roots, and contemporary music, in a coastal setting.
Victoria , Canada

Dreamstate Melbourne
Dreamstate Melbourne is the Melbourne edition of the Dreamstate trance music festival, offering trance music enthusiasts an immersive musical experience.
Victoria , Canada

Winter Lights Across Canada
Winter Lights Across Canada is an annual cultural and arts festival that illuminates the winter season with dazzling light displays and artistic installations. This festival offers attendees a magical experience that celebrates the beauty of winter through the art of light and creativity.
Victoria, Canada

Good Things Melbourne
Good Things Melbourne is the Melbourne edition of the Good Things music festival, focusing on rock and alternative music genres.
Victoria , Canada

Spilt Milk Ballarat
Spilt Milk Ballarat is a music festival that features a diverse lineup of music acts, creating a lively and engaging festival experience.
Victoria , Canada

By The C Torquay
By The C Torquay is a coastal music event that features a lineup of artists and bands, often set against the scenic backdrop of Torquay.
Victoria , Canada

Summersalt Torquay
Summersalt Torquay is a music festival that typically showcases a mix of musical genres and artists, providing a diverse music experience.
Victoria , Canada

Meredith Music Festival
Meredith Music Festival is an iconic Australian music event known for its indie and alternative music lineup and a unique festival experience.
Victoria , Canada

Beyond The Valley
Beyond The Valley is a music festival that often features electronic and dance music acts, providing a vibrant and energetic festival experience.
Victoria , Canada

Heaps Good Melbourne
Heaps Good is a music festival hosted by HSU Events, known for their expertise in hard electronic dance music (EDM) in Australia. The festival offers a unique journey-style concept, featuring extended artist set times, mind-blowing visuals, and state-of-the-art ceremonies, including an extraordinary end-show.
Victoria , Canada

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