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Vienna Museum of Ethnology

The Vienna Museum of Ethnology is a museum that will delight the curious as well as the ethnography enthusiast.
As one of the world's leading ethnographic museums, the Vienna Museum of Ethnology is an exceptional exhibition space. This property is located within the Imperial Palace of the Hofburg, former residence of the personalities who ruled Austria. This Viennese museum houses nearly 500,000 objects of archaeology and ethnography. These works, from all over the world, trace the history of non-European civilizations. In addition to permanent exhibits, the museum regularly hosts temporary exhibitions on a variety of themes.
Vienna Museum of Ethnology
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FAQs for Vienna Museum of Ethnology

  • When was the Vienna Museum of Ethnology inaugurated?
    The Vienna Museum of Ethnology opened on May 25, 1928. The museum has been named the Museum of Ethnology. It was not until April 2013 that he took the name Weltmuseum which means Museum of the World.

  • What are the works not to be missed during a visit to the Vienna Museum of Ethnology?
    During a visit to the Vienna Museum of Ethnology, you can discover works from the collection of the famous British navigator and explorer James Cook.

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