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Vienna Technical Museum

The Vienna Museum of Technology will delight curious visitors who want to discover all kinds of motorized vehicles more or less old.
The Vienna Technical Museum, commonly known as TMW, invites a trip on technological developments in Alpine countries. As you push the museum door, you will discover different technical aspects related to energy and transport. Part of the exhibition reveals an impressive amount of bicycles, motorcycles and automobiles from different eras, some of which have remained in excellent condition. Fans of locomotives will appreciate a visit to the hangars where you can admire about forty motor machines of the railways. To go further, the museum park offers a beautiful show with its wind and water mills.
Vienna Technical Museum
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FAQs for Vienna Technical Museum

  • When was the Vienna Technical Museum launched?
    The Vienna Technical Museum was launched in 1918 on the initiative of Wilheim Exner.

  • Are there musical instruments at the Vienna Technical Museum?
    One of Austria's largest historical collections of musical instruments is on display at the Vienna Technical Museum.

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