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Visakhapatnam is in Andhra Pradesh. The city shows the lively spirit of India. People usually call it Vizag. It's a dynamic place with a mix of geography, jobs, and culture.

Talking about Visakhapatnam means talking about its amazing beaches. The city has some of the cleanest beaches along the Bay of Bengal.


Things to do and see - Visakhapatnam

Walk along a long stretch of golden sand
Ramakrishna Beach
Unwind on the sands of a breathtaking shoreline
Rushikonda Beach
Reach a scenic hilltop park with panoramic views of the bay
Visit an ancient temple and admire its stunning architecture
Sri Varaha Lakshmi Narasimha temple
Enter inside a submarine and learn about India's naval history
Submarine Museum
Have panoramic views from a hill with a lighthouse on top
Dolphin's Nose Lighthouse
Soak in breathtaking sea vistas at a serene beach
Yarada Beach
Enjoy a moment of reflection at a significant landmark
Victory At Sea War Memorial
Stroll along walkways and a viewing deck with ocean views
Tenneti Park
Tour a large limestone cave with stunning beauty
Borra Caves

FAQ - Visakhapatnam

What cultural events can I enjoy in Visakhapatnam?
How important are temples in Visakhapatnam's culture and life?
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