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The power of the technology sector is well established. It is one of the economic models that shape the world with the many trends that flow from it. Nowadays, visits to technology companies are relatively frequent, not only for the dimension of work research that this implies but also for the discovery and satisfaction of one's curiosity to understand this unique universe.
One of the giants of technology companies is located in Cupertino, California, on the American continent, and it is called Apple. It is the largest technology company by market capitalization, and Apple has millions of fans of its products worldwide. You have to stay a little longer in the United States to admire the extent of the technological advancement that is put forward there. Whether manufacturers or users, technology is a highly prized market. Alphabet Inc is one of the most well-known technology companies in the world. In fact, you know it as Google, and you have to go to Mountain View in California to take a little tour of the place. While you are there, know that California, more precisely Menlo Park, is also home to the famous company Meta Platforms Inc, more commonly known as Facebook. Highly renowned since its creation in 2004, other popular projects have joined it, namely Instagram, Messenger, Whatsapp, and Oculus VR. In Washington, you will probably be carried away by the technological enthusiasm present in the place. There, Amazon is making its way through the biggest tech companies that are highly profitable in terms of earnings every year. For information, it is good to know that this is a company that does not skimp on the means to help start-ups, companies, governments, as well as academic institutions create various types of online business through its computing services, storage, database, etc. In Santa Clara, Nvidia is worth a visit. It is one of the graphics processor manufacturers in the world with tremendous success in the market of video games, mobile devices, PCs as well as workstations, among others. In short, in Silicon Valley, visits are possible to the companies indicated just before, and there is even a Museum of the history of computers that can be interesting for computer enthusiasts. It is also necessary to go through New Jersey and, more particularly, to the Bell Works, a place that brings together the highest technological creations. Marvel's superhero island is also on the list of technological tourism, and it is possible to have fun with pieces that are real revolutions, including the simulator that combines movement and 3D. If you are on the Asian continent and you are around Taiwan, know that one of the largest circuit manufacturers in the world is based there. The products are used in the technology sectors. It is Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company. With a bit of luck, you will be able to take some beautiful photos. The company also has subsidiaries in China, Singapore, the United States, Europe, India, and Japan. On the Asian side, Tencent is the leader in the field of entertainment-related technology. These most beautiful creations, including League of Legends, Arena Of Valor, and Fornite, undoubtedly seduce an astounding number of video game lovers. South Korea is also a capital for big tech companies. It is mainly the case of Samsung, which is known worldwide as a producer of consumer electronics. Moreover, it is Apple's direct competitor in the mobile market with its Galaxy smartphones and tablets. Finally, in Hangzhou, China, Alibaba, one of the largest commercial platforms on the Internet, is headquartered in China. Attracting millions of buyers a day, it may be worth a small tour if the opportunity arises.
Visit technology companies
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