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Visit the less touristy countries

Some like highly tourist destinations, and there is also a category of people who are instead seduced by countries that are significantly less visited. These places are still awe-inspiring by their originality and charm.
You will find Antarctica at the top of the list of many countries that need to be addressed by tourists. Both unusual and incredible, when you embark on this unknown territory, you'll have beautiful surprises. Trips are made by cruise ships departing from Argentina or Chile, with the destination in the coastal regions of the South Shetland Islands and the Antarctic Peninsula. Extreme divers will find happiness in Antarctica, but the best time to go is from November to February. On the Asian side, you have to pass Mongolia to have a breathtaking view of the most beautiful unexplored regions of the country. Between the picturesque natural elements and the lunar and desert landscapes, the nomadic style life is likely to please you. During your trip, you will see camels, horses, and yaks in total freedom. Let's stay in Asia with the next destination, which is Tajikistan. Covered with high mountains, you will let yourself be carried away by long walks, horseback, or bike. If you are taking a southern hemisphere tour, consider visiting Papua for its breathtaking scenery. Wild forests, coral islands, and turquoise waters will surprise you. Not far away is the Marshall Islands, an archipelago composed of volcanic islands and paradisiacal coral atolls. Practically unknown to tourists, whole days of idleness on the beach and in the turquoise waters await you. One thing is sure, and it is that you will almost feel like you are alone in the world. Then, Bhutan, located at the foot of the Himalayas, will transport you to another universe. Many Buddhist sites are present there. Mass tourism does not exist in this country, which makes this place enigmatic. Towards East Africa, you will discover a real treasure on the red lands of Madagascar. Baobabs, lemurs, and many endemic species are in the effigy of this little paradise on earth. You can also let yourself be tempted by Ethiopia to access vast landscapes, especially in the heart of its canyons. The cultural and historical richness of the country will make you waltz to the rhythm of its incredible biodiversity, its Great Rift Valley, its incredible architecture, and its churches of Lalibela. Make a detour to West Africa and, more particularly, to Benin. The palaces of Abomey, classified as a UNESCO site, are one of the country's main attractions, but that's not all, since you will take a full view of lagoons, paradisiacal beaches, wildlife, etc. The next stop is in South America with the adventure country called Bolivia. In the South Lipez of the country, the desert landscapes will amaze you, while in the heart of the Andes, Lake Titicaca, the Uyuni desert, the jungle, the multicolored lakes, and the Inca remains will warm your heart. Then, a little exotic getaway is required in Suriname, located in the north of Brazil. Nature is the master of the place, with a territory covered with Amazon forest, nature reserves, exotic animals, and beautiful wild mountains. To experience the Amazon in French territory, go to Guyana, where an incredible ethnic patchwork with ancient traditions and natural treasures that have remained inaccessible until now will make you accomplish unusual adventures. A few canoe rides and walks in the primary forest will enchant your trip. Because Europe also has some unique places and, more particularly, one specific region, you must fly to Moldova. It is a timeless country covered with Orthodox churches and medieval monuments, not to mention the fact that an ultra-generous population welcomes visitors with open arms.
Visit the less touristy countries
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