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"Musee de l'Eau," or The Water Museum, strategically situates itself in Ben Youssef, a bustling neighborhood at Marrakesh's core. Given the city's historical importance in water management and pioneering hydraulic engineering innovations, this museum finds an apt home. Upon approaching The Water Museum, one cannot help but be intrigued by its ornate entrance, an enticing


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Events - Water Museum

Catskill Water Discovery Center
The Catskill Water Discovery Center is a dedicated institution that focuses on educating and raising awareness about water resources, conservation, and environmental sustainability. It provides interactive exhibits, educational programs, and information to inform the public about the importance of water quality and its role in the ecosystem.
New York, USA

Keepers of the Waters
Keepers of the Waters" refers to a global network and initiative that focuses on the protection and stewardship of water resources. This movement encompasses various activities, such as education, advocacy, and community engagement, to raise awareness about the importance of preserving and conserving water.
New York, United States

Museo del Agua “Agua para Siempre”
The Water Forever Museum is a recognized center for high-quality environmental education. It showcases the historical social organization methods and technologies used by the indigenous peoples of Mesoamerica to secure clean water for both human consumption and agricultural irrigation.
Tehuacan, México

Green Earth Alliance
The Green Earth Alliance is not just an organization; it's a visionary project with a powerful mission. At its core, this initiative is about empowering its members to come together and form a supportive community. Their common goal is to offer assistance to various projects and nonprofits, helping them reach their objectives and ultimately contribute to a more sustainable and compassionate world.
Delray BCH, United States

Albear Aqueduct Museum
The National Institute of Hydraulic Resources (INRH) is immersed in a historical research project entitled "Memories of Water in Cuba", which in turn has a permanent working group of the same name.
Havana, Cuba

Federal University of Tocantins
The Water Museum of the Federal University of Tocantins (UFT) is an initiative that aims to disseminate socio-ecological information and the best water management practices to scientific and non-scientific audiences.
Palmas, Brazil

Museo Interactivo del Agua IURHEKUA
Iurhekua is an interactive water museum, its main goal is to educate and raise awareness of the importance of water in Uruapan and its region. The museum is located inside a National Park and a Natural Protected Area rich of water springs and where the Cupatitzio river flows
Michoacán, México

Yaku Parque Museo del Agua
Yaku is an interactive museum dedicated to one topic: “Water”. Water in its most complex and diverse approaches as it is present in unimaginable scenarios and forms; from science to art, passing through environmental, social, spiritual, historical topics within other subjects.
Quito, Ecuador

Canadian Museum of Water
The Canadian Museum of Water with its presence online, on the ground and on the water, seeks to establish itself as Canada’s primary conduit for the understanding and appreciation of water and the role it plays in our heritage, our culture and our everyday life.
Port McNicoll, Canada

I AM WATER / Our Humanity Matters
"Our Humanity Matters (OHM)" is a passionate endeavor committed to awakening a more conscious and sustainable human society that recognizes the profound interconnectedness of life. It acknowledges the pressing issue of anthropogenic threats to the purity of our essential water resources, a lifeline for all living beings. OHM's mission is to shift human behavior by fostering an understanding that our actions profoundly influence the health of the water we depend on, our personal well-being, and the greater ecosystem. With a vision for a better planetary future, OHM seeks to rekindle humanity's connection with water, nurturing a deep respect and love for this vital element.
New York, United States

OSE Water Museum
The Museo del Agua del Uruguay (Water Museum of Uruguay) displays both the tangible and intangible heritage shaped in 150 years of uninterrupted water supply, including the infrastructures providing drinking water.
Montevideo, Uruguay

Musée de l’Eau
The Musée de l’Eau / Water Museum is a space for valuing water as a resource at cultural, sociological, anthropological and political levels.
Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso

Museum of the Water Civilization
The Museum of the Water Civilization in Morocco in Marrakech is one of the most fascinating cultural site in relation to the water and one of the unmissable places in Marrakech.
Marrakech, Morocco

Kahramaa Water Awareness Park
KAHRAMAA Awareness Park (KAP) is a water and electricity awareness museum that officially opened its doors to the public. It aligns with the goals of the Qatar National Vision, represented in the Qatar National Program for Conservation and Energy Efficiency “Tarsheed”. This program serves as the national umbrella for the conservation and efficient use of water and electricity in Qatar.
Doha, Qatar

Yazd Water Museum
Yazd Water Museum is an old mansion that displays an ancient society named the “Qanat civilization.” Qanats are an outstanding hydraulic ancestral technology that gave birth to civilizations.
Qiyam, Iran

Open Museum of Water Culture
The Open Museum of Water Culture is an art-led initiative for the protection and revitalization of water heritage in the Fertile Crescent and Arabian Peninsula.
Basra, Iraq

Isum Istanbul Water Museum
Ab-ı Hayat Anadolu Water Civilizations collection, museum and events are the sustainable social responsibility project of Adell Faucet & Valve Manufacturing Co. Inc.
Istanbul, Turkey

National Water Museum of China
The National Water Museum of China(NWMC)is a national museum guided by the Ministry of Water Resources of the People’s Republic of China, which is co-managed by the Ministry of Water Resources and Zhejiang Provincial Government.
Hangzhou, China

Jeju Water Exhibition Hall
Jeju Water Exhibition Hall provides a glimpse of the history of the use of Jeju water, its role in the development process of the island, the characteristics of groundwater and so on. Here, visitors can encounter the past and present excellence of Jeju water.
Jeju-si, South Korea

Chongqing Baiheliang Underwater Museum
Baiheliang Underwater Museum is located in Chongqing, China and is divided in three different parts: the exhibition hall, the corridors and the underwater inscriptions protection cover.
Chongqing, China

Living Waters Museum
Water, the primal fluid, has shaped rich civilizations across India, inspired art and architecture, stories and folklore, rituals and practices, poems, songs, music, film and dance.
Pune, India

Martuwarra Living Waters Museum
The Martuwarra Living Waters Museum is probably dedicated to the Martuwarra (Fitzroy River) and the surrounding region in Australia. It may aim to educate visitors about the river's ecosystems, biodiversity, and the cultural and environmental importance of the Martuwarra to the local communities.
Fitzroy Crossing, Australia

Yellow River Museum
The Yellow River Museum is the first river-themed museum in China concerning the Yellow River with its natural evolution, sociocultural development, progressing harnessing and regulation.
Zhengzhou, China

The Changjiang Civilization Museum
The Changjiang Civilization Museum (Wuhan Natural History Museum) is a non-profitable public welfare cultural organization that collects, displays, and studies artifacts and specimens related to the natural ecology and historic civilization of the Changjiang River and even the world’s great rivers.
Wuhan, China

Community-based Water Museum of Bangladesh
The establishment of a Water Museum by ActionAid Bangladesh evolved in the backdrop of re-imagining rivers from a human and ecological point of view. ActionAid Bangladesh believes in building critical awareness of the need around water commons with the aim of inspiring concerted efforts, starting from conservation to water policy revitalization. The Water Museum is our call to action.
Kalapara, Bangladesh

World Water Museum
The “World Water Museum” installation is an interactive, constantly evolving and fluctuating project, a cross-over between different genres and offering a distinct activist message.
Idra, Greece

Autonomous Province of Trento
This museum in the Autonomous Province of Trento likely focuses on the water resources and their significance in the region. It might offer information about water management, conservation, and its role in the local ecosystem.
Trento, Italy

Danube Water-Adventure
The Danube Water-Adventure museum is likely dedicated to the Danube River and its surrounding water ecosystems. It may provide an interactive and educational experience, teaching visitors about the Danube's history, biodiversity, and importance in Europe.
Marktgemeinde Engelhartszell, Austria

Biesbosch MuseumEiland
Located in the Biesbosch National Park in the Netherlands, this museum is probably dedicated to the unique Biesbosch freshwater tidal wetlands. It likely educates visitors about the biodiversity and conservation efforts within the park
Werkendam, The Netherlands

Museum Geelvinck
The Museum Geelvinck might focus on water-related history, potentially exploring the historical significance of waterways, canals, and their impact on trade, transport, and daily life.
Heerde, The Netherlands

Adda di Leonardo' Ecomuseum
The Adda di Leonardo' Ecomuseum likely showcases the natural and cultural heritage along the Adda River in Italy. It may emphasize the water-related aspects, including the river's role in history, industry, and environmental conservation.
Vaprio d’Adda, Italy

Musée de l’Eau et de la Fontaine
This museum, located in France, is likely dedicated to water and fountains. It may offer insights into the history of water usage, fountain design, and the cultural importance of water sources in the region.
Ottignies, Belgium

Water Museum of Naples "Lapis"
The very first water museum in the historic center of Naples was born within the basilica of della Pietrasanta. This innovative project was created in collaboration with ABC Napoli, a Neapolitan water company, which restored the original function of the Greco-Roman cisterns. Now, these cisterns are rejuvenated with water and streams that reconstruct their ancient appearance, providing visitors with an immersive journey into the history of this precious resource.
Naples, Italy

Museum of the Aqueduct of Venice
Museum of the Aqueduct of Venice tells the story of Venice’s water supply through pictures, original contracts, old engines, blueprints, and drawings of the aqueduct network.
Venice, Italy

Kring Vrienden of ’s Hertogenbosch
The Kring Vrienden van ’s-Hertogenbosch is a heritage associ­ation with hundreds of volunteers and thousands of members. Each year, they welcome many hundreds of thousands of visitors for city walks and canal cruises through the city center.
‘s Hertogenbosch, The Netherlands

World Water Museum
The “World Water Museum” installation is an interactive, constantly evolving and fluctuating project, a cross-over between different genres and offering a distinct activist message.
Idra, Greece

Historical Wastewater Treatment Plant
A historical wastewater treatment plant museum would likely showcase the evolution of wastewater treatment processes and technologies over time. Visitors can expect to learn about the development of sanitation practices and the historical significance of wastewater treatment in the area it represents.
Prague, Czech Republic

Biesbosch MuseumEiland
Located in the Biesbosch National Park in the Netherlands, this museum likely focuses on the unique Biesbosch freshwater tidal wetlands. It may offer insights into the biodiversity, conservation efforts, and cultural history of this remarkable natural area.
Werkendam, Netherlands

Tribunal de les Aigües de la Vega de Valencia
The "Tribunal de les Aigües" is a traditional Valencian institution that deals with water disputes related to irrigation in the region. It typically meets in an open-air setting at the main square of Valencia. This institution's purpose is to ensure fair water distribution among local farmers and to uphold the principles of water rights.
Valencia, Spain

Museu da Agua
The "Museu da Agua" (Water Museum) is likely dedicated to the history, conservation, and cultural significance of water resources. It may explore the role of water in society, technology, and the environment, offering educational exhibits and insights into local water-related topics.
Lisbon, Portugal

"Leonida Truta" Water Museum
The "Leonida Truta" Water Museum may focus on water-related themes, potentially emphasizing the importance of water conservation and the ecological significance of water bodies. Visitors might learn about water quality, environmental stewardship, and the cultural aspects associated with water in the region it represents.
Cluj-Napoca,, Romania

Sewer Museum of Brussels
The Sewer Museum invites you on an unusual trip into a very hidden side of Brussels but which is absolutely vital for the running of the city. An active museum with the River Senne playing the leading role.
Brussels, Belgium

National Waterways Museum
The National Waterways Museum tells stories of how waterways transform Britain. Through the care and use of our collections, these stories enrich the lives of our present and future audiences, creating inspirational, informative and entertaining experiences.
Ellesmere Port, United Kingdom

Water Museum of Naples "Lapis"
The Water Museum of Naples "Lapis" is likely dedicated to the history of water supply and management in Naples, Italy. It may cover topics such as aqueducts, water sources, and the cultural and technological aspects of water use in the region.
Naples, Italy

Museu de l’aigua i el Tèxtil
he Museu de l’aigua i el Tèxtil, which translates to the Museum of Water and Textiles, likely explores the relationship between water and textile production. It may provide insights into the historical and industrial aspects of textile manufacturing and its reliance on water resources.
Manresa, Spain

River Navigation Museum
A River Navigation Museum is expected to focus on the history, technology, and cultural significance of river transportation. Visitors can learn about the evolution of river navigation, the vessels used, and the role rivers played in trade and transportation.
Padua, Italy

Aquapic Water Museum
The Aquapic Water Museum is likely dedicated to water-related themes, emphasizing topics such as water conservation, water quality, and the ecological importance of water bodies. It may offer educational exhibits and information related to local water resources.
Timisoara, Romania

Freshwater Aquarium
A Freshwater Aquarium typically features aquatic exhibits showcasing various freshwater species of fish and other aquatic life. It serves as an educational and recreational facility, allowing visitors to explore and learn about the biodiversity of freshwater environments.
Karlovac, Croatia

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