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Weird World Structures

This desire for creation animated Ferdinand Cheval, a French postman of the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Therefore, our itinerary of the most atypical structures begins in southeast France, at the Ideal Palace of the postman Cheval. As the name suggests, this man created the Palace of his dreams. This impressive building, whose construction


Things to do and see - Weird World Structures

Witness a visually stunning facade that resembles a row of giant books
Kansas City Library, USA
Admire nine interconnected spheres in the shape of an iron crystal
Atomium, Belgium
Enter a Modernista building designed by architect Antoni Gaudi
La Pedrera, Spain
Marvel at a heritage-listed break-through residential complex
Habitat 67, Canada
Be amazed by a fairytale-inspired, warped building
Crooked House, Poland
See a stone house camouflaged in the surrounding countryside
Stone House, Portugal
Stop by to witness a seven-story, basket-shaped building
The Basket Building, USA
Take a guided tour of the building and learn more about its design
The Piano and Violin Building, China
View an architectural marvel that resembles a couple dancing
The Dancing House, Czech Republic
Engage with contemporary art in the Friendly Alien
Kunsthaus Graz, Austria

FAQ - Weird World Structures

Where did the idea of the Ideal Palace of the postman Cheval come from?
What other works by Antoni Gaudí can be seen in Barcelona?

Events - Weird World Structures

International Kite Festival
The International Kite Festival in Gujarat marks the end of winter and the approaching harvest season. Anyone who celebrates will dig the abundant local food (yum!) and kites of all shapes and colors filling the sky.
Gujarat, India

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