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Xinjiang, an autonomous region in northwestern China, is a true natural and cultural gem. The Tian Shan Mountains are a UNESCO site with beautiful views. You can hike, ski, or climb there. The huge Taklamakan Desert has sand dunes to explore. You can see how nomads live in the desert. Turfan and Kashgar have green


Things to do and see - Xinjiang

Visit an ancient city famous for its bustling Sunday Bazaar
Experience traditional Uyghur culture in the region's capital
Explore an ancient Silk Road oasis town steeped in history
Admire the dramatic landscape of the red sandstone cliffs
Flaming Mountains
Enjoy camping, hiking, and horseback riding along a lake
Sayram Lake
Go to a paradise for nature lovers and photographers
Kanas Lake
Hike through pristine meadows and lush forests and see wildlife
Xinjiang Kanas National Geopark
Witness one of the oldest and best-preserved ancient cities in China
Ancient City of Jiaohe
Tour the ruins of an ancient oasis city on the Silk Road
Gaochang Ruins
Embark on a camel ride through the edges of the desert
Taklamakan Desert

Festivals - Xinjiang

FAQ - Xinjiang

What is the importance of the Silk Road for Xinjiang?
How did Buddhism develop in Xinjiang?
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