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The Zenkō-ji Temple is a Buddhist temple, built in the 7th century in the city of Nagano, Japan. As an architectural and religious treasure, this temple is still a major pilgrimage site today. Take the time to discover the houses of the Temple of the Jodo Buddhist branch, the impressive Niōmon Gate, the Daikanjin, the


Things to do and see - Zenkō-ji

See the central structure of a Buddhist temple
Zenkōji Hondō (Main Hall)
Pass under a prominent gate guarded by two statues
Niomon Gate
Walk through a pathway to find the "key to paradise"
Inner Chamber
Learn about the temple's history and Buddhist art
Zenko-ji Museum
Take in the views of an iconic tower near the temple complex
Zenko-ji Bell Tower
Head up to the second floor for scenic views of the surrounding area
Sanmon Gate
Try your hand at copying Buddhist sutras
Clear your mind with guided Zazen meditation
Zenkoji Temple- Daikanjin

- Zenkō-ji

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