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Come and visit one of Japan's treasures, the Zenkō-ji Temple, a cultural and religious testimony whose durability is impressive.
The Zenkō-ji Temple is a Buddhist temple, built in the 7th century in the city of Nagano, Japan. As an architectural and religious treasure, this temple is still a major pilgrimage site today. Take the time to discover the houses of the Temple of the Jodo Buddhist branch, the impressive Niōmon Gate, the Daikanjin, the temple of the Tendai Buddhist branch, the statues of the bodhisattvas, the Sanmon Gate and its wooden statues, or the library of Kyōzō. The temple also houses an unusual treasure, the first Buddha statue brought to Japan. You can also spend a night there to experience monastic life and participate in certain rites.
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FAQs for Zenkō-ji

  • Is it possible to see the first statue of the Buddha of the Zenkō-ji?
    Unfortunately, this statue remains hidden, only one of its reproductions is exhibited at the Gokaicho festival, once every 7 years.

  • Is it possible to attend certain services in the Zenkō-ji temple?
    It is indeed possible to participate in the morning rituals, provided you come early and bring a ticket.

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