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The city of Zurich is rich from a cultural point of view thanks in particular to many Swiss and foreign artists who have stayed there. Don't miss the Swiss National Museum and the Museum of Fine Arts. The western part of Zurich, a former industrial area, is now a trendy district where artistic and gastronomic

Things to do and see - Zürich

Climb a twin-towered Romanesque cathedral for panoramic views
Explore Switzerland's cultural history in its largest collection
Swiss National Museum
View an extensive collection of Swiss and international art
Kunsthaus Zürich
Take a stroll along the shores of a lake or enjoy a boat cruise
Lake Zürich
Relax in a peaceful hilltop park and enjoy a great vantage point
Escape to an idyllic oasis at the heart of downtown Zurich
Botanical Garden
Hike to the top of a hill for scenic views of the city
Attend a world-class performance at a stunning venue
Zürich Opera House
Witness the majesty of the most powerful waterfall in Europe
Rhine Falls
Enjoy stunning nature views of a picturesque town
Stroll through a medieval town with a rich cultural scene

Festivals - Zürich

- Zürich

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