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格拉茨(Graz)是一个独特的地方,是奥地利的第二大城市。老城历史悠久,具有罗马血统,其历史可追溯到中欧文艺复兴时期,是联合国教科文组织列为世界遗产。施洛斯山(Schlossberg)在城市的中心,这座山上有美丽的森林,是进行自然远足的理想之地。除了红砖屋顶之外,您还可以考虑在哥特式艺术时代创建的格拉茨大教堂,让人回想起过去的帝国主义。不要犹豫,参观Khuenburg宫,在这里您会发现格拉茨艺术与历史博物馆,追溯这座城市的时空历程。格拉茨美术馆(Kunsthaus Graz)具有未来派建筑风格,是一艘飞船空中的纪念碑,该飞船的绰号是“友好的外星人”。
Hello World 123... A unique place, Graz, is Austria second largest city. With a historical past with Roman origins, dating back to the Renaissance of Central Europe, the Old Town is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. In the heart of the city is Schlossberg, a hill with its beautiful forest, an ideal place for a nature outing. Beyond the red brick roofs, you can contemplate the Cathedral of Graz, created at the time of Gothic art and reminiscent of the imperialism of yesteryear. Do not hesitate to visit Khuenburg Palace, where you will find the Graz Museum of Art and History, tracing the chronology of the city through time. The Kunsthaus Graz, with its futuristic architecture, is a monument to the air of a spaceship that meets the nickname of friendly alien.

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