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花时间去发现荷兰,这个以生活质量闻名的国家。首都阿姆斯特丹提供众多的文化和旅游产品,无论是梵高博物馆,国立博物馆还是安妮·弗兰克故居。您可以在其运河上漫步,欣赏17世纪的古老建筑并穿越城市。如果您对该国家的政治历史感兴趣,请在海牙(皇家住所,议会和各部委所在地)的行政首府停留。停下来参观莫里斯水(Mauritshuis)的威猛(Vermeer)的《珍珠少女》。同样,鹿特丹是必须的-欧洲第一个港口,这座城市是真正的国际化鸡尾酒,其鲜明的建筑风格为其赢得了“曼哈顿默兹(Manhattan de la Meuse)”的绰号。想要呼吸新鲜的空气,甚至是出游,就让自己进入西兰大区的白色沙滩。您还可以在Hoge Veluwe国家公园停留,那里的森林与5400公顷的沙丘,湖泊和希瑟的广阔土地相媲美。如果您利用春季旅行,库肯霍夫公园应该成为您计划的一部分。在32公顷的土地上拥有超过700万郁金香,该场地举办了一场真正的花卉展览。
Take the time to discover the Netherlands, a country known for its quality of life. The capital, Amsterdam, delivers a multitude of cultural and tourist offerings, be it the Van Gogh Museum, the Rijksmuseum or the Anne Frank house. Take advantage of a walk on its canals to admire the old buildings of the 17th century and crisscross the city. If you are interested in the political history of the country, make a stop in The Hague, the administrative capital where the royal residence, Parliament and the various ministries are located. Stop by to see Vermeer's The Young Girl at the Pearl at Mauritshuis. In the same vein, Rotterdam is a must- The first European port, the city is a true cosmopolitan cocktail, with contrasting architecture that earned it the nickname Manhattan de la Meuse. For a breath of fresh air or even on an excursion, let yourself be guided to the white sand beaches in the Region of Zealand. You can also make a stop in Hoge Veluwe National Park, where forests rival the dunes, lakes and expanses of heather, all over 5400 hectares. If you are taking advantage of the spring season to travel, Keukenhof Park should be part of your program. With more than 7 million tulips on 32 hectares, the site hosts a real floral show 18.

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  • 是否有荷兰的美食特产已经越过该国的边界?

  • 谁是最著名的荷兰艺术家?
    在绘画领域,威猛(Vermeer)和伦勃朗(Rembrandt)是真实的传奇人物。该国还见证了15世纪著名的伊拉斯me(Erasme)的诞生。如今,女演员杜特森·克罗斯(Doutzen Kroes),DJ马丁·加里克斯(DJ Martin Garrix)和Modists Viktor&Rolf等名人举世闻名。

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