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The capital of Germany, Berlin is known for its friendly residents and its cultural dynamism. The city currently has more than 150 museums, including the Neues Museum, made of recycled bricks, which houses a world-renowned collection of Egyptian antiquities. A symbol of Berlin, the Brandenburg Gate is a must-see on a family trip to Germany. The bustling German capital, with its thousand faces, seduces music fans of all stripes thanks to its many musical stages. The city offers so much entertainment that you can go from the outdoor karaoke of the Mauerpark to the famous world of Kater Blau, a place mixing small markets and biergarten. If you want to retire from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, the Badeschiff Berlin, a floating pool on the Spree River, promises calm and serenity. If you're addicted to culture, don't miss Berlin's unusual festivals and events, including the Berlinale or the International Grüne Woche.

FAQs for Berlin

  • Why visit Berlin?
    Berlin stands out for its rich and ancient architecture. It is home to many parks, lakes and canals. Finally, the city hosts many festivals of all kinds.

  • What's left of the Berlin Wall?
    The remains of the Berlin Wall can be seen in three different locations: in the wall where the wall stretches for about 1 kilometer, in Niederkirchnerstrasse where there is a 180-metre section of the wall, and in Bernauer Strasse where a section of about 60 metres is still visible.

Things to do and see in Berlin

  • Reichstag building
    Symbol of German reunification, the Reichstag Palace arouses the curiosity of visitors because of its unique architectural style and the stunning view it offers.

  • Museum Island
    The Museum Island, an art venue dating back to the Prussian monarchs, is a must-see during a getaway to Berlin.

  • Gemäldegalerie
    If you want to learn more about European history, the Gemäldegalerie will give you a playful and artistic insight into the centuries that founded our Western culture.

  • Brandenburg Gate 4.7
    18th-century neoclassical monument.

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