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The city of Bordeaux invites you to discover the pleasures of wine, while enjoying a cultural getaway.
Bordeaux, located in the south-west of France, is known as the wine capital of the world. You will be charmed by its refined lifestyle as well as its rich architectural and cultural heritage. In a city of more than 350 historical monuments, you can visit some famous places such as Bordeaux Cathedral, The Place de la Bourse, the National Opera House and the impressive Stone Bridge. Sainte-Catherine, the longest pedestrian street in Europe, has several galleries and shops. Consider taking a boat ride along the river, the Garonne, to admire the beauty of the city from a different angle. You can learn about the history of wine culture at the City of Wine as well as at the Wine and Business Museum. Take the opportunity to take a tour of the region's vineyards to taste excellent Bordeaux wines.
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FAQs for Bordeaux

  • Which famous cake is from Bordeaux?
    Fluted cake is a sweet speciality that comes from Bordeaux.

  • Which city was temporarily the capital of France in 1914?
    Bordeaux was the capital of France for a few weeks during the First World War.

Things to do and see in Bordeaux

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