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Dominican Republic

You will discover in the Dominican Republic a rich history at the center of several cultures while living adventures creating many memories.
As one of the most visited destinations in the Caribbean, the Dominican Republic invites you to discover as many parks as museums and encourages you to try activities ranging from surfing to hiking. To immerse yourself in the country's history, the capital Santo Domingo is home to Alcazar de Colon, the fortified palace of Diego Columbus, where you will discover about twenty preserved pieces of the sixteenth century. To immerse yourself in more contemporary history, go to the Memorial Museum of the Resistance, the result of a collaboration between historians and resistance fighters' relatives of the thirty-year-old regime (1930-1961). To the west of the capital, Playa Blanca is ideal for trying kitesurfing, thanks to the courses offered by local professionals. Savvy divers will be able to discover at a depth of 18m the boat Enriquillo RM-22 as well as several fish such as yellowtail snappers or sea bream. On the other side of Santo Domingo, in the east of the country, you will find Playa Macau, where you can surf and walk on a large stretch of sand. Those looking to swim after an effort will be delighted by Salto de Limon, close to the town of Santa Barbara de Samana, which offers a hike to contemplate a waterfall of 40 meters. The path to climb on foot or horseback is dotted with flowers and topped by local birds, just like the one in the 27 Charcos de Damajagua, further west. Thrill seekers will have the opportunity to jump from the top of the seven waterfalls of the lightweight course, while others will be able to challenge themselves to go all the way to the twenty-seventh. Even further west, you will discover Los Siete Hermanos, where even beginners can dive and find submerged vegetation. Back on the surface, you will see these seven sandy cays' cacti, iguanas, and crabs. In the Sierra de Bahoruco National Park, further south, there are about thirty species of orchids unique to the region that will amaze you, as well as animals such as the rhinoceros iguana, the solenodon or the Dominican konichon. And a little further south, you will reach the Jaragua National Park and its Bahia de Las Aguilas beach with clear water or Lake Enriquillo with crocodiles and pink flamingos.
Dominican Republic
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