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Immerse yourself in vast natural areas as well as in different eras in Eritrea.
In Eritrea, an East African country, you will have the opportunity to dive into the Red Sea and admire both urban and rural landscapes. A time trip awaits you in the capital Asmara, with buildings such as the Fiat Tagliero, an aircraft-shaped gas station built in the 30s. You will find Keren and its camel market in the country's north. This city, surrounded by mountains, will delight you with its well-preserved colonial architecture. Continuing east, you will explore the Fil Fil rainforest, a natural habitat for many birds, such as the owl, and animals, like the leopard. In the town of Massaoua, on the east coast, you can swim in the Red Sea. In the same place, you will discover the old city, its Sheikh Hanafi Mosque, and its Imperial Palace of the nineteenth century, partially destroyed by the War of Independence. Lovers of scuba diving will discover volcanic rocks and a sunken Italian boat on the Dahlak Archipelago. Its Marine National Park is home to dolphins, turtles, and more than 300 species of fish. In the south of the country, adventurers will be challenged by the volcanic desert of Dankalia, the warmest region on earth. You'll also discover the ruins of temples and residences of the city's elites, dating back to the 8th century BCE, at the Belew Kelew and Qohaito sites.
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