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A unique place, Graz, is Austria's second largest city. With a historical past with Roman origins, dating back to the Renaissance of Central Europe, the Old Town is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. In the heart of the city is Schlossberg, a hill with its beautiful forest, an ideal place for a nature outing. Beyond the red brick roofs, you can contemplate the Cathedral of Graz, created at the time of Gothic art and reminiscent of the imperialism of yesteryear. Don't hesitate to visit Khuenburg Palace, where you will find the Graz Museum of Art and History, tracing the chronology of the city through time. The Kunsthaus Graz, with its futuristic architecture, is a monument to the air of a spaceship that meets the nickname of "friendly alien".

FAQs for Graz

  • Where does the word Graz come from?
    It is derived from the Slavic word grad meaning "city".

Things to do and see in Graz

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