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A Thalassocracy that has ruled Europe and the East for centuries, Greece is a destination that holds the keys to better understand our cultures and political regimes.
Travel to the heart of the lands that have inspired entire civilizations and made the greatest artists dream. From Attica to the Peloponnese, via the islands of the Aegean Sea, Greece is home to all kinds of landscapes: mountains, seas of olive trees, sandy beaches, forests, etc. You will delve into ancient history and the myths it has engendered. In Athens, don't miss the Acropolis, a fortress and a religious complex, and a symbol of the Greek Empire. Travel to Delphi, climb the steps of this sanctuary where the greatest politicians came to listen to the prophecies of Pythia, priestess of Apollo. Don't forget that Greece is also the cradle of the arts and take an excursion to the ancient Epidaurus theatre, the largest ever preserved, built in the 3rd century BC and listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Cross the Corinth Canal and head to Sparta, a world-famous ancient military city, before turning to the islands. You can embark on a cruise to the Ionian Islands in the Mediterranean, to Crete or the rest of the Aegean Sea. Venture into the blue caves of Paxos Antipaxos, then return to the mainland and go to see a concert in an Antique Theatre. For a step back in time, you will have the opportunity to discover the Orthodox monasteries of early Christendom while enjoying the freshness of the Greek mountains.
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FAQs for Greece

  • How many islands is Greece made up of?
    The country is home to tens of thousands of islands, not all of which are habitable, but which had allowed it to establish itself as a thalassocracy. Even today, these islands are very valuable from a strategic point of view, as they expand the scope of exploitation of Greece's maritime resources.

Things to do and see in Greece

  • Acropolis of Athens

  • Athens

  • Syros

  • Hydra

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