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Indonesia, with more than 17,000 islands, is the world's largest archipelago. Home to 167 volcanoes that are still active and to unique landscapes, you'll be fascinated! This destination has something to offer to everyone, whether you're looking for adventure or cultural discoveries.

There is no better place to discover impressive flora and fauna.


Things to do and see - Indonesia

Witness the largest Buddhist monument in the world
Borobudur Temple
Immerse yourself in the rich cultural heritage of Indonesia
Prambanan Temple
Observe Komodo dragons on the Komodo Island
Komodo National Park
Watch the sunset at a traditional Balinese temple
Tanah Lot
Visit a beautiful island with stunning nature and tropical weather
Have trekking adventures in Gunung Leuser National Park
Enjoy a mix of modern and traditional attractions in the capital
Dive in Bunaken National Park and Wakatobi National Park
Experience islands with pristine beaches and clear waters
Gili Islands
Experience Javanese dance and gamelan concerts

Festivals - Indonesia

FAQ - Indonesia

What are the famous beaches in Indonesia?

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