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The first stop is Makassar. It is the central city of Sulawesi and is very modern despite the well-preserved traditions within the island. Here, long hours of walking are the order of the day. Places like Fort Rotterdam, the floating mosque, Losari Beach, and Akkarena Beach are also worth visiting.

The beautiful town


Things to do and see - Sulawesi

See Fort Rotterdam, the city's most iconic landmark
Experience the vibrant city life with plenty of cultural sites
Dive into the island's unique cultural heritage, rituals, and traditions
Tana Toraja
Explore a world-renowned spot for diving and snorkeling
Bunaken National Park
Discover stunning reefs and small isolated white sandy beaches
Togian Islands
Embark on scuba diving adventures and experience local culture
Wakatobi National Park
Spot endemic species in a protected rainforest and nature reserve
Tangkoko National Reserve
Go kayaking, swimming, and exploring the local culture
Lake Poso
Hop on a boat to see karst mountains, caves, and prehistoric art
Rammang-Rammang Village
Dive into a popular diving spot with colorful marine life
Lembeh Strait

Festivals - Sulawesi

FAQ - Sulawesi

Are there any other popular parks in Sulawesi that can be visited?
Why do many people call Sulawesi island Celebes?
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