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Once called Heian-kyo, "Capital of Peace," when it was the imperial capital of Japan, Kyoto is today the cultural and religious heart of the country. This active city, very bright and colorful, is above all a place where it is good to live. To find out, head to the centre of Kyoto, in the Gion district, where you'll find great craft shops, restaurants and traditional tea rooms. A little further on, you will see the spectacular architecture of the Minamiza Theatre with its ornate façade and its incredible double gable roof. In order not to stop in such a good way, Kyoto opens the doors of Kyoto-Gosho, the imperial palace, once home to emperors, empresses, princes and princesses. The city is home to magnificent shrines such as the Ginkaku-ji "Silver Pavilion", a Zen place at the foot of the mountains, or the Fushimi Inari Taisha and its incalculable number of vermilion red torii, must-see places reflecting the traditions of Japan.

FAQs for Kyoto

  • What is a torii in Kyoto?
    A torii is a traditional Japanese portal, it is usually built at the entrance to a Shinto shrine.

  • What are the traditional dishes in Kyoto?
    The kyo kaiseki is a traditional meal, it can be composed of an aperitif, a sashimi, slow-cooked dish or even grilled: a wide range of accompaniments! You can also taste yodofu, meaning "hot boiled tofu" and its toppings depend on seasonal ingredients.

Things to do and see in Kyoto

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