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Lubumbashi is the second-biggest city in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC). It's an interesting place that shows the spirit of this big and diverse country. It is the main city in Katanga Province.

This city has earned the moniker "the mining capital of the DRC" due to its substantial contribution to


Things to do and see - Lubumbashi

Take a peaceful walk or picnic along the banks of a river
Ruashi River
Enter a museum to discover the rich cultural heritage of the region
National Museum of Lubumbashi
See a significant landmark known for its grandeur and historical importance
Saint Peter and Paul Cathedral
Get local handicrafts, fresh produce, and traditional Congolese goods
Central Market
Tour a historic mine and learn about the region's mining heritage
Kipushi Mine
Enjoy a round of golf amidst lush greenery
Golf Club of Lubumbashi
Relax by the water or go fishing at a beautiful natural spot
Lake Tshangalele
Take a Congo safari tour and observe diverse wildlife
Kundelungu National Park
Witness one of the largest waterfalls in Central Africa
Lofoi Falls

FAQ - Lubumbashi

How does Lubumbashi show the different cultures of the Democratic Republic of the Congo?
What makes Lubumbashi culturally unique?

- Lubumbashi

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