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The capital of Russia, Moscow is known for its legendary Red Square and its thousand domes. The third Rome, by its nickname, is a precious sanctuary for art lovers of all kinds. The Kitai Gorod district, built like a sumptuous showcase of Russian architecture, the Bolshoi theatre and its countless ballets, will never cease to amaze you. Visit the Tretyakov galleries for a final look at Russian visual arts. Moreover, the beauty of this Capital of Eastern Europe does not stop at its surface. The Moscow metro, with its marble chandeliers and pillars, sometimes resembles a network of underground palaces. Moscow is also of extreme historical richness. Theatre of both the Russian Revolutions and world War II, the city with its rich past has a lot to teach you. Not to be missed is the Bunker 42, a former military communications post that became a Cold War museum. Other must-sees include the legendary Pushkin café and its famous hot chocolates, Gorki Park and its skatingable lake in winter, the Kremlin and finally, the colourful Basil-le-Blessed Cathedral.

FAQs for Moscow

  • Why is the Red Square called this way?
    It is a semantic deformation. Red Square comes from the Old Russian "Krasnaya ploshad". As "Krasnaya" meant both "Beautiful" and "Red", the translation has been flawed. The proper translation is thus "The Beautiful Square".

Things to do and see in Moscow

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