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Mozambique is a country in South Africa with vast savannahs, palm forests, flowering plains, waterfalls, and paradisiacal beaches bordered by the azure blue colors of the Indian Ocean.
In Mozambique, you must start by visiting Maputo, the country's bustling capital. It is the historic center of the country, which is very atypical with its boulevards lined with jacarandas and the magnificent panoramas of the sea. In Maputo, you will discover the country's colonial history through museums such as the Museum of Natural History, the Museum of Geology, and the Maritime Museum. You can also taste the locals' gastronomy, and the beautiful buildings of the colonial era, such as the Central Station, the Post Office, and the Cathedral of Our Lady of Fatima, will amaze you. Moreover, you will take the opportunity to see the fortress of Maputo before strolling through the Botanical Gardens of Tunduru. You can also visit the many markets there. At night, you can attend concerts in the bars on the coast. Then you can go to Gorongosa National Park, which has incredible wildlife, including lions, elephants, crocodiles, birds, hippos, and antelopes. Bird lovers can also indulge themselves by discovering the species that reside there. This park is also home to incredible landscapes such as Lake Uremia, rivers, waterfalls, and rapids found on the Valley or the Plateau. Then, you must discover the Gorongosa Coffee Project and have a small tasting if you feel like it. Mozambique has no shortage of beaches to bask in the sun. Ponta Do Ouro, Ponta Mamoli, Costa So Sol, Wimbe beach, and Tofo are the most beautiful beaches in Mozambique.rnMoreover, the city of Tofo is also worth a visit. It is an ideal place to discover the local culture of Mozambique with traditional coconut oil massages. There you can go diving and surfing if you like water sports. Otherwise, you can make a small excursion to Survivor Island aboard the traditional dhows to meet the locals, and before you leave, don't forget to take a tour of the island of Ibo, where Fort Saint John the Baptist, among two other forts and a church awaits for you.
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