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New Zealand

Located off the Pacific Ocean, New Zealand is a wild and cosmopolitan country, often ranked among the "happiest countries in the world". Its cities are very lively artistically and culturally, like Auckland and Wellington. The country is the ancestral land of the Maori, known for the "hakas" made famous by the rugby team of the All Blacks. To immerse yourself in this culture, the authentic villages of Whakarewarewa and Tamaki open their doors to you. New Zealand offers breathtaking landscapes, and a great natural diversity, thanks to many endemic species. The country is made up of two large islands. The one in the North is known for its volcanoes, some of which are still active, and will offer you a unique spectacle. The geysers are very impressive, as in Rotorua, where you can also enjoy the hot water basins. Nearby, you can admire the Waitomo caves, illuminated by the creasing worms. The South Island is more mountainous, with the New Zealand Alps, a hiker's paradise, in the centre of the Island. Mount Cook, the highest mountain in the country, rises to more than 3700 meters. Queenstown is the most famous resort for skiing and rafting. This is where bungee jumping was born. In the far south of the country, you will be fascinated by the impressive fjords, including Milford Sound, described by Rudyart Kipling, as the "eighth wonder of the world". It is also the ideal place to admire the magic of the aurora australis.
New Zealand

FAQs for New Zealand

  • Why is New Zealand called the land of kiwis?
    The kiwi is a species of bird endemic to New Zealand, which means that it does not exist in other parts of the world. The kiwi is easily recognized by its long pointed beak and brown feathers that resemble hairs.

  • What is New Zealand called in today's Maori?
    New Zealand is called "Aotearoa" in the Maori language, which means "country of the long white cloud".

  • How do New Zealanders celebrate the New Year?
    Due to its time zone, New Zealand is one of the countries that celebrate the New Year first. The custom is to go out on the street at midnight and make as much noise as possible by tapping on pots and pans.

Things to do and see in New Zealand

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