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Located in the Gulf of Guinea, Nigeria is an African country that fascinates tourists with its mix of peoples, cultures, and religions.
This country is blessed by the world's unique tourist attractions and the incredible richness of its landscapes. You will find happiness between mangroves, forests, savannahs, waterfalls, mountains, or habitats sheltering rare primates. When you go to Nigeria, it will be impossible not to discover the African fauna in the wild with its national parks of Yankari, Gashaka, and Cross River. Moreover, at Yankari, you can swim in the natural pools of the park, the Ikogosi Warm Springs. You will also take the opportunity to make a beautiful hike on the Jos plateau, the Mandara, and Shebshi Mountains. If you want to immerse yourself in ancestral Africa, do not miss the Niger Delta or the island of Brac, where the ecosystem is breathtaking. Zuma Rock, located near Abuja, will satisfy you. Then, in Kano, one of the largest cities in Nigeria, will be an opportunity for you to see a city built of dried mud. There, you will also find the sacred forest of Osun-Oshogbo, dedicated to the Yoruba gods and classified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. To admire the magnificent works of Nigerian artisans, you must go to local markets, including Balogun Market. You will find pottery, weaving, bead and metal work, masks carved out of wood or bronze sculptures. Take advantage of the most beautiful beaches in the country, namely Lekki, Coconut Beach, or Calabar Beach. For a bit of history and to learn more about Nigeria's culture, you'll need to head to the Onikan National Museum. In Nigeria, there are also several festivals, and one of the most popular is the Eyo festival happening in May - a unique festival for the people of Lagos. In August, you can enjoy the Osun festival at Osogbo and the Sango festival in Oyo, and in September, you can attend the Olojo festival in Ife. These three festivals are celebrations in honor of the indigenous gods and goddesses.
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