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This country is blessed by the world's unique tourist attractions and the incredible richness of its landscapes. You will find happiness between mangroves, forests, savannahs, waterfalls, mountains, or habitats sheltering rare primates. When you go to Nigeria, it will be impossible not to discover the African fauna in the wild with its national parks of

African town on the riverside
Have a peaceful escape in a nature reserve with a canopy walkway
Lekki Conservation Centre
Soak in the sun, relax on beautiful beaches, and enjoy water sports
Witness a large monolith with historical and spiritual importance
Zuma Rock
Climb a historic natural rock formation and have panoramic views
Olumo Rock
Marvel at a collection of seven distinct cascades
Erin Ijesha Waterfall
Enter a gallery to explore a vast collection of Nigerian art
Nike Art Gallery
Discover traditional Nigerian arts and crafts at a market
Lekki Arts and Crafts Market
Visit ancient walls and gain insights into the history of the region
Ancient Kano City Walls
View a notable collection of Nigerian art and artifacts
National Museum Lagos
Explore the capital city of Nigeria and visit Aso Rock
Take a safari in a wildlife park and observe animals
Yankari Game Reserve
Have a serene beach experience away from the city
Tarkwa Bay Beach

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What are the main musical styles in Nigeria?
What is the official spoken language of Nigeria?
Is it true that Nigeria is home to one of the world's most significant diversity of butterflies?
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