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Come explore the incredible Land of the Vikings and be fascinated by the most beautiful fjords in the world.
Norway is a Scandinavian country known for its fjords, Viking history, and beautiful glacial landscapes. Norway impresses with more than a thousand fjords; Geiranger, Preikestolen, Trolltunga, and Lyse are among the most visited in the country. Admire the beautiful mountains and waterfalls by taking the famous Flamsbana train or traveling along the Trollstigen highway in Rauman. To learn more about the country's history, Oslo, the capital, opens its doors to several museums such as the Viking Ships, the Frammuseet, the Kon-tiki, and the Norwegian Museum of Cultural History. In Bergen, south-west Norway, stroll through the charming Bryggen district, a UNESCO World Heritage Site that includes many shops. In the north of the country, the ideal destinations to admire the Northern Lights are the North Cape and Tromso. The latter is also the perfect place to take a boat ride and watch whales and orcas! Near the town of Olden, you can visit Briksdal, the largest glacier in continental Europe located in Jostedalsbreen National Park.
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FAQs for Norway

  • Where is the best place to see the midnight sun?
    The North Cape is a famous place to see the midnight sun, also called Polar Day. This occurs from May to the end of July.

Things to do and see in Norway

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