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The booming capital city of Asunción, guarding records at the center of the country. This may be a modern city, but among them are plenty of colonial-style buildings. The imperial Palacio de los Lopez-- home of the Paraguayan government is yet another architectural gem which has, over the years flourished with pride.

Eastward There's

Explore the capital city, and its historic sites
Have a unique perspective of a natural wonder
Iguazu Falls
Marvel at the large waterfall within Municipal Park Monday
Monday Falls
Take a guided tour to learn about an engineering marvel
Itaipu Dam
Witness well-preserved ruins of churches, and houses
Jesuit Mission of the Holy Trinity
Explore Guarani heritage at Paraguay's Jesuit missions
Jesuit Mission of Jesus de Tavarangue
Hike in a park with lush forests and many waterfalls
Ybycui National Park
Hike in a forest blending Paraguayan history with natural beauty
Cerro Cora National Park
Experience a culturally significant religious site
Caacupe Cathedral
Attend the Carnaval Encarnaceno, and see the scenic riverfront

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What are some must-visit points of interest in Paraguay?
What is special about the Iguazu Falls?
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