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Porto is a coastal city in Portugal known for its architecture, its good atmosphere and, of course, its wine. In the historic centre of Ribeira, you can see the famous Louis I Bridge and the colourful facades of the houses that line the quays. In the city centre, you can admire the architecture of various places of worship such as the Church of the Clerics, the Church of St. Francis and the Cathedral of Porto. The Palais de la Bourse will impress you with its mix of architectural styles. In addition to its beautiful gardens, the Serralves Foundation building houses the must-see Museum of Contemporary Art. The House of Music, with its modern design, is the ideal place for those who wish to attend concerts in the city. Enjoy the classics of Portuguese gastronomy and stop in Porto's renowned wine cellars.

FAQs for Porto

  • Why is the wine of Porto more alcoholic than other wines?
    The wine of Porto has a higher alcohol content, up to 22%, than most wines. This is due to the addition of brandy during the fermentation process.

Things to do and see in Porto

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