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Let's kick off our journey in the lively capital of Bucharest. With a captivating collage of structural designs, the city unfolds its layered history before your eyes. Gaze in awe at the mighty Palace of the Parliament. This is a giant structure, symbolic of the Ceausescu era, narrating tales of its not-so-distant past. Saunter through


Things to do and see - Romania

Embrace the myth of Dracula at a legendary castle
Bran Castle
Be enchanted by the grandeur of a palace in the mountains
Peles Castle
Drive along breathtaking views of mountains and valleys
Transfagarasan Highway
Take a boat tour to explore a Biosphere Reserve's natural beauty
Danube Delta
Marvel at the capital city's colossal Palace of the Parliament
Take a day trip to a Gothic-Renaissance castle
Corvin Castle
Be enchanted by a town with a rich medieval heritage
Witness an open-air museum and a national tourist attraction
Merry Cemetery
Discover the typical village life of Transylvania
See the site where Ice Age bear bones were discovered
The Bears' Cave
Enjoy picturesque beaches along the Black Sea coast

Festivals - Romania

FAQ - Romania

What are a few key points of interest in Bucharest, Romania?
What is the essence of Romania that lures explorers into its grip?
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