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Saint Petersburg

Great heroes of literature, mystical and legendary characters founded the history of St. Petersburg. Let yourself be carried away in this whirlwind myths and reality.
As a symbol of imperial Russia and the past greatness of the Tsars, St. Petersburg is undoubtedly the cultural capital of the country. It was built at the mouth of the Neva River on the Baltic Sea, this port has allowed the country to consolidate its position as a European power. You can travel to the heart of Russian history, in a city that has hosted key moments of the latter. The abundance of cultural offerings in St. Petersburg is rarely equaled. Large avenues, royal palaces, and exceptional buildings teem around the city's canals, so more than 2,000 buildings are protected by UNESCO. There are hundreds of museums and gardens. In June, it is also possible to participate in the St. Petersburg White Nights Festival, a perfect illustration of the country's cultural richness.
Saint Petersburg
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FAQs for Saint Petersburg

  • In what year was St. Petersburg founded?
    The beginnings of the construction of the city date back to 1703 and were commissioned by Tsar Peter the Great.

  • Why is St. Petersburg no longer the capital of Russia?
    St. Petersburg was the capital of imperial Russia for nearly two centuries. However, following the Bolshevik revolution in 1917, Moscow took over.

Things to do and see in Saint Petersburg

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