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Sweden, the largest country in Scandinavia, has immense cultural richness and vast natural landscapes. You can do activities such as climbing or hiking in the national parks of Sarek in Jokkmokk and of Abisko in Kiruna, where you can have the incredible experience of admiring the Northern Lights. Stockholm, the capital of the country, is also called "Venice of the North" with its 14 lands territory and magnificent views by the water. There, you can visit many museums as well as the famous Royal Palace in Stockholm. In Malmo, Sweden's third-largest city, the cycling culture is very present and there are great routes for cycling enthusiasts. By visiting the Lapland region, you can discover the Sami culture, indigenous people of the North, and enjoy a unique experience with reindeer at the Nutti Siida activity center.

FAQs for Sweden

  • What is one of the typical dishes of Sweden?
    One of the national dishes in Sweden is the Kottbullar (Meatballs). The origin of this dish is Turkish and dates back to the early 18th century when King Charles XII returned from exile in the country.

  • What is Midsommar's party?
    Midsummer, a day without night, celebrates the summer solstice in June. Also known as St. John's Day, this celebration dates back to the Middle Ages and was a pagan festival at the time. On the night of Midsommar, the Swedes dance and sing around the "Maypole" and wear flower crowns that symbolize rebirth and fertility. This is an opportunity to thank the light and the sun.

Things to do and see in Sweden

  • Stockholm
    In love with urban landscapes, green spaces, or with the seas, the capital of Sweden has many treasures in store for you.

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