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Denmark, the land of the Vikings, is a charming destination to discover. In this Scandinavian country, there are many cycle routes on flat ground. Composed of many islands, this destination holds several UNESCO-listed sites such as the white cliffs of the Stevns Peninsula and the Wadden Sea National Park. The capital, Copenhagen, is home to the Tivoli Flower Garden with its huge amusement park and the colourful old Nyhavn port with a jazzy atmosphere. In Denmark, there are Viking cemeteries, but also giant sculptures in the iconic Lego House. Relive the tales in the former home of Hans Christian Andersen, now a literary museum on the island of Odense. In Aarhus, you can picnic in the Botanical Garden and visit the Royal Palace Marselisborg. Further north is the Danish design city of Aalborg, with the Utzon architectural centre and the music house, the seat of the symphony orchestra. The Danish coasts offer a breath of fresh air when strolling along the beaches. In the far north, explore the seafronts of Thy National Park and Grenen Point. To the west of the coast, The Lake of Son is ideal for camping and enjoying a night under the stars. If you like the lush plains, take a stroll through the great Tyveknap forest or to Skarporing for a bucolic excursion.

FAQs for Denmark

  • What does the term "hygge" mean?
    Of Danish and Norwegian origin, the term "hygge" means "well-being." From the 19th century, it is simply a positive feeling generated by warm, family, and friendly moments. It is the practice of daily optimism that allows you to spend the long Danish winters.

Things to do and see in Denmark

  • Copenhagen
    Explore Copenhagen and be charmed by its unique architecture and soothing lifestyle.

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