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Madagascar has created an identity halfway through African and Asian culture. What is to be remembered mainly from this country is undoubtedly the warm welcome of the Malagasy. The capital Antananarivo is in the center of the island, at 1276 meters above sea level. It is nicknamed the "Village of the Thousands". Throughout the territory, you can see the old traditional Malagasy houses. They are different depending on the region: raw earth, thatched roof, on stilts. To the west, a few kilometers from Morondava, you can discover the Baobab alley with majestic trees that give a unique charm when sunrise and sunset. Further north, Bemaraha's Tsingy National Park fascinates visitors with its majestic rock formations. The presence of different lemur species enriches the ecosystem. On the other hand, in the south, the Isalo National Park reminds us of the landscapes of the American west coast. Above all, it offers a wonderful view of Madagascar's flora and fauna. Between natural swimming pools and atypical rocks, there are more than seventy kinds of birds. To the east, surrounded by white sand and coconut trees, St. Mary's Island is known as a humpback whale-watching spot. Its clear water is perfect for scuba diving. In the north of the country, a beautiful haven of peace in the name of Nosy Be welcomes you. It is the place to relax par excellence. It includes Mount Passot, a volcanic hill, and a lookout point, which offers stunning views of the Mozambique Canal.

FAQs for Madagascar

  • How many varieties of lemurs are found in Madagascar?
    More than 100 species of lemurs exist. It is an endemic animal, that is, it is found only in Madagascar.

  • What are Madagascar's culinary specialties?
    The "Romazava" is a national dish with a mixture of "zebu" and "breds" meat. The "Ranon'ampango" is a traditional drink that is drunk hot and is created from rice stuck to the bottom of the pans by adding water.

Things to do and see in Madagascar

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