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A city of many treasures, Milan, located in Italy, fascinates with its neighbourhoods, its museums and above all the atmosphere it exudes. The city displays beautiful gardens such as Leonardo da Vinci's Vineyards, as well as the rainbow houses on Lincoln Street, customised with pretty flowery balconies. Capital of fashion and design, the city has a reputation for international elegance. To find out, head to the Fashion Quadrilateral, four streets to the world's most famous fashion houses. Milan, the bourgeoisie, creates a dynamic, cosmopolitan identity and firmly maintains its title of the city of possibilities. From a cultural point of view, there are of course must-sees such as the Dome of Milan or La Scala in Milan housing this incredible opera house.

FAQs for Milan

  • What are Milan's gastronomic specialties?
    Milanese specialties include osso bucco with milanese, minestrone, polenta and panettone.

  • When is it possible to attend Milan Fashion Week?
    Fashion Week has usually been held twice a year since 1958.

Things to do and see in Milan

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