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New York City

New York City offers many activities that can be performed from morning to night. One of its most outstanding tourist attractions is the Statue of Liberty, the symbol of peace and independence of the United States. NYC offers other must-see locations, such as the skyscraper with magnificent views of the Empire State Building, the 9/11

Relax at a world-famous public park
Central Park
Climb an iconic skyscraper and enjoy breathtaking views
Empire State Building
Admire a colossal statue, and an iconic national monument
Statue of Liberty
Walk along an architectural marvel offering great views of the skyline
Brooklyn Bridge
Enter one of the world's largest and most renowned art museums
The Metropolitan Museum of Art
Visit a monument to human dignity, courage, and sacrifice
9/11 Memorial & Museum
Walk along an elevated freight rail line transformed into a park
The High Line
Experience the heart of Broadway, the epicenter of entertainment
Times Square
See the sunset from the "Top of the Rock" observation deck
Rockefeller Center
Enter one of the world's preeminent scientific institutions
American Museum of Natural History
View works by renowned artists like Picasso and Warhol
Museum of Modern Art (MoMA)
Experience world-class theater productions and musicals
Explore neighborhoods like Dumbo, Williamsburg, and Brooklyn Heights
Do upscale shopping on the world's greatest shopping street
Fifth Avenue
Discover historic streets, artistic vibes, and Washington Square Park
Greenwich Village

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Exhibitions - New York City

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March 14, 2024 - April 27, 2024
Oliver Beer

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April 25, 2024 - June 01, 2024
Diedrick Brackens
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