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New York City

Explore New York City and stock up on activities in a city with a warm atmosphere.
New York City offers a multitude of activities that can be performed from morning to night. One of its greatest tourist attractions is the Statue of Liberty, the symbol of peace and independence of the United States. NYC offers other must-see locations such as the skyscraper with magnificent views of the Empire State Building, the 911 Memorial Museum or the Chinatown neighborhood. Shopping fans will be delighted to shop in the chic boutiques of 5th Avenue. Central Park and Bryant Park are the perfect green spots to relax in the Manhattan District. Finally, if you're looking for a New York-style party, you won't be disappointed by the performances that are given in the streets and theaters of Broadway.
New York City
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FAQs for New York City

  • What world-famous dessert is from New York City?
    New York cheesecake is a world-famous dessert that uses salted cheese from the American brand Philadelphia.

  • Why is New York City nicknamed the Big Apple?
    In the 1970s, an advertising campaign by the New York Tourist Board formalized the term Big Apple to nickname the city. This nickname had been mentioned several decades earlier by various journalists and singers.

Things to do and see in New York City

  • Statue of Liberty

  • Empire State Building

  • Metropolitan Museum of Art

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