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Divided between Europe and Asia, Russia is the largest country in the world and spans eleven time zones between the west and the east. Known mainly for its capital, it does not fail to amaze tourists and its inhabitants with its different regions. Moscow, the most populous city in Europe, shares its history through Soviet architecture with a Byzantine influence and a touch of modernity. You will find the Red Square with its famous Kremlin, the Russian symbol, and the main residence of the President. A few minutes walk away, enter the contemporary sphere with the Moskva-City business district, built in recent years. The former capital, St. Petersburg, will delight art and culture lovers with the Hermitage, which is the largest museum in the world with 60,000 works on display! There is also the unmissable Peterhof Palace, nicknamed "The Russian Versailles" which was the Tsar's residence until 1917. Don't leave the city without a cruise on Europe's largest river, La Volga. Hop aboard the Trans-Siberian, a train that travels more than 9,000 km, and takes advantage of the ride to discover sumptuous landscapes. Halfway, there is the "Pearl of Siberia" named Lake Baikal, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and decorated with many titles, which offers a real richness in its depths. The trip ends on the Asian side in Vladivostok, close to China, Korea, and Japan. To enjoy a nice view, you should climb to the Eagle's Nest Mount that offers a panorama of the city and the Zolotoy Bridge. The lovely and calm atmosphere is highly appreciated.

FAQs for Russia

  • What are Russian culinary specialties?
    There are many specialties on Russian territory, here are some: Strogonoff beef, Borchtch (made from beets), Pierojki starter, "Olivier" salad or Vatrouchka dessert.

  • What are the Matriochkas?
    They are better known as "Russian Dolls." They're colorful wooden dolls. Matriochka is a term derived from the first name Matriona which means "mother". It is a symbol of motherhood and fertility.

  • Do you know Winter Swimming in Russia?
    In Russia, it is possible to swim in ice water, otherwise known as ice swimming. During the winter period, the Russians practice a hole in the ice and dive into it. This tradition is particularly made during holidays such as the New Year or the Epiphany (mostly Orthodox, this day is important to them and corresponds to the baptism of Jesus). People who follow this practice are nicknamed "walrus".

Things to do and see in Russia

  • Saint Petersburg
    Great heroes of literature, mystical and legendary characters founded the history of St. Petersburg. Let yourself be carried away in this whirlwind myths and reality.

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