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The Phoenix of Europe, Poland, knows how to please each visitor! Whether it's its cities, starting with Warsaw, its capital, an essential part of your visit, you will discover a new place that has risen from its ashes and is now colorful and full of life! Or Lodz, Poznan or even Krakow, where you can

See a historic castle located in Kraków, a symbol of Polish royalty
Wawel Royal Castle
Admire cobblestone alleys and medieval buildings
Warsaw Old Town
Witness the largest medieval town square in Europe
Stroll along a medieval market square
Wroclaw Market Square
Learn about the consequences of hate and discrimination
Auschwitz Birkenau Memorial and Museum
Have a unique perspective of the city from a 30th-floor terrace
Palace of Culture and Science
Take a guided tour of a national historical monument
The Royal Castle in Warsaw
Enter a medieval castle, the largest brick castle in the world
Malbork Castle
Admire huge, shifting sand dunes, shaped by wind
Slowinski National Park
Have an insight into the Warsaw Uprising of 1944
Warsaw Uprising Museum
Hike in the remaining parts of an immense primeval forest
Bialowieza Forest
Enjoy hiking and skiing in a stunning mountain range
Tatra Mountains
Visit one of the country's places of pilgrimage
Jasna Gora

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