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A land of contrasts ranging from tropical forests, turquoise lagoons to red and arid lands, Australia is ideal for great adventurers.
Australia is the favorite place to admire spectacular landscapes. If you like a change of scene or expeditions, this destination is perfect for you! Come and admire one of the world's best-known sites, the Great Barrier Reef. You can swim in these heavenly waters or for the bravest, go diving to observe exceptional biodiversity. Filled with national parks, you can't miss the iconic Uluru National Park in the Red Centre. This huge rock is one of the symbols of the country but also of Aboriginal history. Another undeniable symbol is its animals like the kangaroo or the koala that you won't see anywhere else. To see breathtaking sights, the Great Ocean Road is the perfect spot: a wild coastline, tropical forests, and a stunning ocean view. Undoubtedly, coastal cities like Perth, renowned for its huge surfing beaches, also contribute to Australia's reputation. On your way to Sydney, visit the symbolic Opera House and have a stunning view of the Harbour Bridge. You can also stroll along the bay or its beaches so-known as Bondi Beach. If you like cultural and cosmopolitan cities, Melbourne is the ideal place with its typically European character and its multitude of concerts, exhibitions, or sports events.
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FAQs for Australia

  • Where can you see kangaroos in Australia?
    Although kangaroos are found almost everywhere in Australia, one of the best places to watch them is Kangaroo Island in the south of the country.

  • What are the most popular sports in Australia?
    Sport is an integral part of Australian culture. We find the typical Australian football which is a mixture of football and rugby, cricket, rugby with the famous Wallabies team or surfing, a real national sport.

Things to do and see in Australia

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