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Belgium is one of the most welcoming countries in Europe. Composed of two regions: Wallonia and Flanders, each with their official language, makes Belgium a cosmopolitan place.

Known for its friendliness and generosity, this is the perfect spot if you want to share pleasant moments. Food lovers, you won't be disappointed! This is

See the Atomium and indulge in Belgian chocolates and waffles
Have a romantic getaway in a medieval city with canals
See the Gravensteen Castle and stroll along beautiful canals
See Rubens's paintings in the Gothic Cathedral of Our Lady
Have a taste of Flemish beach culture at picturesque beaches
Visit a beautiful little town and enjoy outdoor activities
Tour a major cave complex with an underground river
Grotte de Han
Spend time in nature at a real paradise for nature lovers
View the history of the visual arts from the 15th to the 21st century
Royal Museums of Fine Arts of Belgium
Enter a Trappist monastery and learn about beer brewing traditions
Orval monastery

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