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With its rich history, beautiful architecture and vibrant culture, Vienna has something fascinating. Vienna was once the seat of the Habsburg dynasty. Emperors and empresses were great promoters of art, science and music, and Vienna is full of wonderful art and architecture, as evidenced by countless museums, castles and elegant parks. Classical music is at the heart of its history and today contributes to a very important part of its culture. The famous composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was born in Salzburg, but also lived in Vienna for a few years. It is a must to visit the Vienna State Opera to see a performance at the most famous opera house in the world.

FAQs for Vienna

  • What is the local name of Viennese coffee?

  • Why Vienna is a great place to live ?
    Vienna is green, safe, clean and offers a great life style

Things to do and see in Vienna

  • Albertina Museum
    Enjoy contemporary exhibitions in a palace filled with history.

  • Albertina Modern
    A major attraction for lovers of cities and cultures from all over the world, come and discover this museum with a strong personality!

  • Vienna Museum of Art History
    The Vienna Museum of Art History is a must for admirers of paintings and other works of art.

  • Vienna Museum of Ethnology
    The Vienna Museum of Ethnology is a museum that will delight the curious as well as the ethnography enthusiast.

  • Vienna Technical Museum
    The Vienna Museum of Technology will delight curious visitors who want to discover all kinds of motorized vehicles more or less old.

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